• Ultrasound transducers and Hydrophones

    Precision Acoustics (PA) is the UK manufacturer of needle and membrane, hydrophones, single element PVdf and piezo-ceramic ultrasound transducers.
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  • Pressure / Intensity Measurements -Membrane, Needle & Fibre optic hydrophones

    PA offers a full range of hydrophones – satisfying the latest regulatory requirements needed for IEC62127-1, NEMA UD2 or FDA 510(k) submissions. Read More
  • Power Measurements- Radiation Force Balance

    PA manufactures Radiation Force Balances and Check Sources – used to measure ultrasound power according to the IEC Standard 61161. Read More
  • Acoustic Absorbers & Syntactic Foams
    PA offers a range of acoustic absorbers and syntactic foams for use in transducer construction, structural buoyancy modules and thermal insulation cladding. Read More
  • Piezo-electric Materials

    PVdF is one of the most widely known piezo-polymers. PVDF exhibits strong piezo- and pyro-electric response.
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  • Ultrasonic Transducers
    PA offers a low cost solution for customised ceramic or PVdF transducers with frequencies above 500kHz. Read More
  • 3D Scanning Tanks for ultrasound measurements
    PA's 3D scanning tanks are customised to suit the users particular measurement situation. Read More
  • RF Amplifiers, Function Generators

    PA works closely with major manufacturers to supply a range of oscilloscopes, function generators, pulsers and power amplifiers. Read More


When it comes to measuring ultrasound in the frequency range 40kHz to 50MHz, Precision Acoustics is regarded world wide as a leading global supplier of products to measure acoustic pressure and intensity.


Precision Acoustics offers consultancy, for transducer development and acoustic measurement services to medical, NDT and academic establishments.